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Law and regulations for registration of branches or agencies of foreign companies in Iran.
(Ratified by Iran parliament on Nov. 11, 1997(



Single article- those foreign companies known as legal ones, and registered in their home country, can register their branches or agencies in the fields introduced by Islamic Republic of Iran by virtue  of rules & regulations of the Country.


Abstract of its regulations:


1. Fields of activities for foreign companies.


  1. After sale services for goods or services of foreign company.
  2. Implementing of operational processes of agreements signed between Iranian and foreign companies.
  3. Study and to pave the ways for foreign investment in Iran.
  4. Cooperation with technical and engineering companies of Iran to carry out activities in country of third party.
  5. Enhancement of non- oil exports of Islamic Republic of Iran and transfer of know- how and technology.
  6. To carry out activities licensed by governmental institutions such as rendering services on transportation,
  7. Insurance and inspection of goods, banking, marketing and so on.

2. Documents required for registration of foreign company branches


Foreign companies interested in registration their branches in Iran are requested to provide the following documents and submission to the General office for Company’s Registration and Non-Commercial Institutions.(CRNI):


1-     Written application of the company.

2-     Copy of the articles of association of the company, its establishment notifications, and the latest amendments  registered in related official body.

3-     The latest certified financial report of the company.

4-     Justification report including information with regards to the company’s activities in Iran.


Justification report includes:

a)      Information related to the company ‘s activities.

b)     Giving reasons and justification for registration its branch in Iran.

c)     Determining the field and activity areas and location of the branch.

d)     Estimation of required Iranian and foreign labor force.

e)     Specification of ways for provision of financial resources in hard currency and Rial (local currency).


5-     Presenting comfort letter from government body in case where an agreement concluded with the body in question.

6-     Completion of  “registration questionnaire” of foreign branch.

7-     A registration approval of foreign company in its home country.

8-     Power of attorney of foreign company’s agent.

9 -     Letter of guarantee from foreign company for dissolution and termination of branch in a certain time which may be announced by CRNI in case their activities is nullified by related organs.

10-    All company documents provided from foreign country must be certified by embassy or consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran in that country, after certification of organs in home country (i.g. office of registration of companies) and by ministry of foreign affairs of home country. Certified translation of these documents in Farsi by official translator in Iran and submission to CRNI is final stage.


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