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Starting a business

Whether you desire to launch a greenfield investment, expand production capacity or diversify products in an existing facility in industrial and/or mining sectors, you need to apply your request to MIM (Ministry of Industries and Mines).

First, based on partners’ mutual agreement and identification and formulation of a project backed by a feasibility study or a business plan, investor(s) shall submit an application to obtain an Establishment License (EL) to one of 30 MIM’s organizations in province where the project site to be selected and located. These organizations are central and authorized bodies for issuance of EL.

Generally, information on technical and financial facets of project as well as infrastructures and utilities required in site location shall be filled-out in the EL one-page Questionnaire. A limited number of additional documents attached to the Questionnaire will be forwarded to Industrial Development Department (IDD) of the Organization. In most cases, EL may be issued in less than one week.
The investor(s) or his/her representative are required to undergo the administrative procedures and follow-ups in person (see Schematic procedural view) For Establishment License and acquire of land .
At this stage, the second and third steps commenced: protection under Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) by issuance of Investment License and acquiring the land within industrial estates or in other permitted areas.

However please remember that registration of company and implementation of the consequent project activities (such as importation of machinery, etc) constitute the Final stage of realization of the project !


Some Exceptions :


Note 1: Establishment License to manufacture cars (heavy or light), airplanes, rail trans, private helicopter, ships, basic metals (cooper, steel, zinc, lead, aluminum, etc.) has different terms and procedures, which should be applied directly to MIM headquarter (instead, to MIM regional Offices).

Note 2: Establishment License to produce baby food, milk powder, drugs, bio-materials, dentistry materials is subject to approval of Ministry of Health (MoH) as well.






Additional Documents required For Establishment License:

1) Resume of the applicant
2) Description of the Proposed Project regarding technical and Financial aspects
3) Official registration document of the applicant's company (Where applicant is a legal person).
4) Payment of 100,000 Rls (= 12 USD) to a public Account.