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Establishment License

(Manufacturing unit, Design, Assembling)

According to this License,  Mr./ Mrs. :...... is permitted to establish an industrial unit Company

in the province of  ....... in the city of  ....... with the following specifications:


Product name :
Product code * :
Annual Capacity:

Total Fixed capital :(Rls. Million)  
Foreign Machinery value:(Rls. Million)  
Local Machinery value:(Rls. Million)  
Land area :(Square Meter ) Building area:(Square Meter )
Electricity consumption:(Kw/h) Water consumption:(cubic meter/a)
Fuel consumption per year:
Natural gas: Gasoline: Black Oil:
No. of logistic staff at full capacity:
Electricity consumption:(KW.h. ) Water consumption:(cubic meter/a)
Fuel consumption per year:
Natural gas:(Cubic meter) Gasoline: Black Oil:
No. of logistic staff at full capacity:
No. of production staff at full capacity:


General Director of Industries&Mines Organization:   …..

The Address of Establishment License holder:    ……

Product code (ISIC) third edition

Please see also the attached Rules.

Other Rules:

1-Holder of the Establishment License is obliged to report his/her activities every six months regarding advancement of the project based on specific forms to the issuing authorities.

2-Holder of the Establishment License is obliged to consider environmental rules and regulations, protection and safety of work.

3-Holder of Establishment License in the field of food production and sanitary is obliged to keep the minimum distance of his production unit at least 1 km from polluted centers such as cow-rearing, bird houses, slaughter house, open drainages, molding units.

4-Validity of license is one year from the date of issuance and its extension by issuing authorities is subject to the following conditions: a)Rent of place and paving suitable ways for the resulting project (within minimum 1 year) b)Preparing Suitable land and initiating construction work in manufacturing units of the targeted project.

5-Ministry of industries and mines has no commitment for providing resources including local or hard currency and raw materials for License holder.

6-After establishing unit and acquiring operation eligibility, License Holder should proceed for obtaining operation license from issuing authority of establishment license.

Applicant ’s name: Signature: