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Manufacturing and Mining Performance 1376-1383 (March 21, 1997 to March 20, 2005)

Growth in industry (manufacturing and mining) value added took momentum in 1378 and accelerated during the period of Third Five Year Development Plan –TEYDP (1379-1983), which was based on macroeconomic stabilization policy.

Industry value added enjoyed an annual growth rate of 8.8 percent on average during 1376-1383, which is two times the 4.3 percent growth in GDP.

While the industry growth rate was targeted at 8.8 percent per year during TFYDP, 11.1 percent growth was achieved.

The share of industry in GDP went up from 13.5 percent in 1376 to 18.8 percent in 1383.

Manufacturing and mining sector’s exports increased from 1625 million US $ in 1376 to 4580 million US $ in 1383, indicating annual growth rate of 16 percent. The export of the sector is 3 percent higher than targeted for TFYDP.

It is worth to mention that the steel export in 1383 surpassed the export of petrochemical for the first time and reached 15.5 percent of export of the sector.

The industry sector’s share of investment in total investment of the country which was 10.3 percent in 1376, reached 20.1 percent in 1383.

The above short statements are derived from the data published by Central Bank of Islamic of Iran. Further detailed information are shown in the following tables and charts.


National Accounts (at Constant 1376 Prices)(click to enlarge)



Production of Selected Items(click to enlarge)



Manufactured Products & Mineral Exports(click to enlarge)



Fixed Capital Formation(click to enlarge)