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About Us











The business community in the Islamic Republic of Iran, has long left the need for the establishment of an association that would work to improve the climate for foreign investment while introducing the country's industrial and commercial potentials .


The necessity for this grouping has been amply highlighted by the goals and objectives of both the Second and Third Social Economic and Cultural Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran .

Hence the Iranian and Foreign Joint Ventures Investment Association EINC has come into existence to find solutions to the existing problems of Iranian and foreign joint ventures.

EINC is comprised of existing joint ventures active in various industrial and services sectors. The association is looking to maximize on the opportunities that doing business in Iran entails not the least of which are developing Trans-Persian Gulf industry and trade and commercial contact with the newly emerging Central Asian states.


The primary objectives of EINC are as follows :

  • Reflecting the issues and concerns of investors to the relevant government agencies through the Iranian Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines and the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran .

  • Improving the general atmosphere for foreign investment by creating the facilities and motivation for global investors that are extant everywhere major investments are made .

  • Offering free of charge consultation, advisory services and guidance to potential joint venture foreign investors in accordance with national Iranian laws and regulations .

  • Cataloguing and introducing investment opportunities to foreign investors .

  • Providing data and information on foreign investment issues in Iran .


The EINC will also feature a number of services unique in Iran. This will include arranging face-to face meeting between current foreign investors, joint venture managers and those wishing to come to Iran for the first time. They thus will benefit from firsthand, genuine information concerning the experiences foreign investors have gained and wish to pass on to other potential investors .


Iran's geopolitical situation has create an exceptionally favorable position for those who have invested here and gained access to this 300 million strong regional market . Those still emerging economies of Central Asia possess significant tapped and still untapped natural resources. The lower cost of land transportation from Iran to these regions, the vastly shorter distances from there to the international markets, plus the tariff and trade benefits accruing from regional trade agreements, make Iran the ideal entry point into the Central Asian and Caucasian states .


Iran offers vast reserves of natural resources and raw materials such as iron-ore, copper, a number of strategic metals and many other minerals available and accessible at very competitive prices. Easy access to inexpensive energy supplies of oil, gas and electricity makes the country an attractive prospect for long term investment .

























Economical Information Networks Center (EINC)

Economical Information Networks Center ( E.I.N.C) is a serving center which providing the complete assistance to foreign investors to consider and find the best opportunities .


E.I.N.C support team:

The support team which is specializes in the management of foreign investment delegation, contain people which are professional in management, Economy, marketing, finance, international commercial low, local foreign investing low, statistics, industrial engineering and other related filed.


E.I.N.C Provided services :


Service for Calculation of Cost of Goods and products :

For the purpose of comparing the cost of goods and products in Iran with the cost of the same goods in the other countries, those foreign investors who intend to manufacture or to produce products or goods in Iran may be informed of the cost of the said product in Iran by referring to the Web sites of this Association and filling out a very simple table.


Service for Introducing the Rules and Regulations:

This service presents all the required information relating to the last regulations governing on foreign investment in Iran , the regulations of registration and establishment of representative offices in Iran , regulations of registration of joint or independent companies , tax rules and regulations and exemptions and the other economic laws and regulations required by those who are interested in investment in Iran.


Service for Introducing Investment Situations in Iran :

Investment in Iran may be carried out in different methods and in different industrial , mineral , agricultural, services and commercial fields and the most suitable methods are as follows:


A- First method :

Direct and common investment for the purpose of establishment and erection of a complete manufacturing unit for manufacturing a final product.


B- Second method :

Limited investment for the purpose of participation in a manufacturing unit which is working at present for manufacturing some portion of a part or a part a products. Investors may export all or part of the products that they manufacture in Iran in one of the above said two methods and these exports will be subject to the encouraging facilities and privileges of the Government of Iran. Those who are interested may receive the list of investment situations in Iran through sending their applications.


Service for Introducing Consultants :

Those who are willing to make investment in Iran and are eager to use the services of the advisors in different fields may be informed of the particulars, specialty filed and grade of the advisors in the following fields through sending their application.

  • Investment Advisors Group.
  • Legal Advisors, Companies, Accounting, Advisors Group.
  • Management and Marketing Advisors Group.
  • Investment Insurance Advisors Group.


Service for Updated Economic News :

Those who are interested to be informed of the updated economic news may obtain all the economic news in the following fields on a daily basis through the Informatics Network of the site of the Association in the Internet through referring to the Association and registering their box number.

  • Updated economic news.

  • Tenders for purchasing goods.

  • Bids for selling goods.

  • Date and place of holding general , specialty and international fairs and the conditions for taking part.

Service for Economic and Industrial Tours :

The foreigners who are interested in investing in Iran may visit Iran individually or in groups through sending their applications. The following services are rendered in this field:


A- Part One

  • Declaring the date of presence of the visitor in Iran through introducing in the widely circulated papers and economic journals and newspapers, on TV advertising in the ministries in relation with his design mentioning the specifications of the goods and products, his economic and commercial field and an abstract of his economic , industrial or commercial design for performance in Iran.

  • Enrollment of the applicants who intend to visit him and programming the hours of meetings.

  • Programming for arraigning seminars for the purpose of introducing his intended all products, goods and economic or commercial field for performance in Iran.

  • To transfer samples of goods and products belonging to the visitor from his own country to Iran for the purpose of introducing and exhibiting in and making the arrangements for returning them back.

  • To program for meeting the members of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines.

  • To program for the required meetings of the visitor with the experts

  • specialists and the relevant authorities within the framework of his intended economic program.

  • To program for meetings of the visitor with the owners of the industries related to his economic plan.

  • To program for visiting the factories in connection with his economic plan.

B- Part Two

programming for traveling to Iran, including:


  • To make arrangements for formalities of issuance of an entry visa to Iran.

  • To transfer the passenger from his house or his office to the airport or origin To transfer him from Tehran Airport to the hotel.

  • To transfer him from the hotel to the place of daily meetings.

  • To make arrangements for a one day visit of sight-seeing of Tehran.

  • To transfer the passenger from hotel to Tehran Airport.

  • To transfer the passenger from the airport of his destination to his office or residence.

  • The visitor will use the services of a local guide all day long .

  • Travel and residence expenses will be received only in this part ( at the basic and non-profit making rate ).

Service for Introducing Consumption Statistics of All Goods Based on Market Demand:

All those who are interested in investing in Iran can be informed of the quantity of consumption and quality of the market and the prices in Iran through sending an abstract of the particulars of their goods and products . In this section all the information relating to statistics, quantity and particulars of the goods that are imported to the market of Iran and have the highest sale is presented.


Manner of Supporting and Protection of Foreign Capitals:

All the information relating to the facilities and specifications that have been considered for foreign investors and also the manner of supporting and protecting the foreign capitals by the Government and manner of refunding the principal amount and interest are presented in this section.


Investment Risks :

Believing in this principal that full security of the capital and existence of the required guarantees are among the most important and even the basic factors for foreign investment in any country and Iran is standing in the table of the countries which have the investment risks, the reasons and documents of which are not known to us either, therefore , for the purpose of amending the unreal and wrong understanding in connection with what has been advertised as investments in Iran, the foreigners who are willing to invest in Iran may directly declare their ambiguous points in this case and be assured that they will be replied in details together with the required documents in the shortest time.
























EINC Management Panel

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Service Center Management Panel


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